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Shiranui is the recurring antagonist in Taimanin Yukikaze and Taimanin Yukikaze 2.

She is a retired Taimanin and a mother to Yukikaze. She is highly respected, with abilities on par with Asagi and returned to duty once more for a mission but disappeared, prior to the events of TY. Since her disappearance 5 years have passed, Shiranui's has been broken and became the loyal assassin of the Incubus King, at the time of TY2. Only in Action Taimanin did she remained with the Taimanin.


Shiranui was a motherly and doting parent that spoke with a calm voice to her daughter Yukikaze. She acted the same way to the Akiyama siblings, who she treated like her own children. She has a really peaceful and tranquil attitude.

She had great pride as a Taimanin and a mother, and even when faced with strong opponents she would stay calm and collected. Shiranui had super human mental strength and resistance, considered to be very brave but claims that she is "out of shape compared to her best days". Shiranui loved her husband but was slightly frustrated that they would not have any physical contact after her daughters birth.

However, since TY2 and in bad end routes of TY, Shiranui has been broken into a rather lewd and sadistic person. She still acts calm and tranquil but aims to turn her daughter into a sex slave like herself. Shiranui is absolutely loyal to the Incubus Faction and the Incubus King and as the OVA showed, would kill her own daughter if ordered to do so. She can act violently, without changing her friendly smile and look. RPGX makes it clear that she still thinks of her daughter lovingly and views some things with regret.


Name Relationship status
Yukikaze Shiranui acts in a motherly way and talks calmly to her daughter Yukikaze. She would also chastise her whenever she acted too pridefully. She would cook Yukikaze's favorite dishes and spoil her quite a lot, both having an excellent relationship. In artwork, she is shown to tease her daughter lovingly, which Yukikaze enjoys. After she is broken by the Incubus King, she acts sadistically towards her daughter as she wanted to turn her into a sex slave and lewd girl like herself. She might still love her daughter but her goals for her have changed dramatically. Insulting Yukikaze as a sow in the bad end routes not only gives her joy but also seems to be something that she is proud of.
Rinko She viewed Rinko as a really skilled Taimanin early on, telling her and her brother to take care of Yukikaze. After she is mind broken, she views Rinko's skill as useful to her own master. Rinko looks at her like an aunt.
Tatsurou Similarly to Rinko, she requests that he looks after Yukikaze and knowing that he is weaker, she told him to become stronger to protect her. After her fall to the demons, she gains sadistic pleasure while torturing Tatsurou, telling him to give up on Yukikaze or beating him when he was down in the bad endings.
Ryuuji Kuroi After Real training in Under Eden failed, she meets the Incubus King. While she tried to resist at first, she is turned to his side and mind-broken into his loyal soldier and assassin. She recommends her daughter and Rinko to be loyal soldiers for him since she views him with absolute authority. Kuroi views her as useful and is protective of her, as an important soldier in his army and second in command. As a result he doesn't risk a fight between her, Rinko, and Yukikaze. In RPGX, he established a clear intent to make her bear his child.
Yazaki Muneichi She will resist her mind break in Under Eden for a long time. In the bad endings, she will become Yazaki's sex slave, thus being very protective and even fighting her child and childhood friends if he is in danger. She later becomes pregnant and gives birth to his daughter. Yazaki sees it as a form of revenge against Yukikaze and uses her as a bodyguard.
Asagi Shiranui served Asagi for a short time, when she became headmaster. Both women are known to be of equal strength and they respected each other. After her change of allegiance, Shiranui will be rather insulting to Asagi even when sending a message. She tells Asagi not to interfere with the Incubus Kings plans.


She looks surprisingly young for a 34 year old woman. She has moderate length brown hair with long, unkempt bangs, red eyes and a gigantic bust. She also wears a long, bunny-themed ribbon on her hair.

In her younger years, she wore her her hair in lengthy twin-tails that were tied up in a pink ribbon. She also kept longer side-bangs.


Shiranui was a renowned strong and brave Taimanin, and is a year older than Igawa Asagi. She married very young and gave birth at a young age to her daughter Yukikaze, retiring with her husband and daughter. She stopped having sex with her husband after this for multiple years but was a loving mother, living with her family in the Mizuki Mansion.

She returned shortly to save Asagi's life multiple times around the Igawa Revolt. killing Kono Reima and disarming Igawa Ogifune, she was instrumental in stopping the revolt leader Hattori Seishu. Depending on the canon aspect of RPGX or normal canon she became a target of the Incubus King who gave her lewd dreams for years, and eroded her will.

Like her husband she would train Yukikaze but also took care of the Akiyama children as well, being called "Aunty" by Rinko and Taturou.

Shiranui worked as Asagi's advisor for 9 years but was send on one more active mission, from which she never returned. Her husband searched for her but died 4 years later on a mission as well, one more year later slight evidence emerged that she could be in Yomihara's Under Eden.

The events of TY1 play 5 years after she was captured. Shiranui was constantly trained in those 5 years in Under Eden. In the bad ending she would be broken while Yukikaze and Rinko were trying to find her, undercover. In the true ending she does not appear in TY1.

In Taimanin Yukikaze 2 that plays (at most) a year after TY1, she was moved since Real's failure in training for several years and letting Yukikaze escape, was considered too large. Shiranui instead now was trained by demons of Seishu Academy, still resisting until the Incubus King personally broke her.

She later attacks Kosaka Shizuru and Akiyama Tatsurou as they investigate the Washizu Material research facility. She infects Shizuru with an Eve chip, while dressed in a rubber gimp disguise. Shiranui shows up during the true and bad endings, revealing herself to Yukikaze and the others. It is revealed that she recommend her daughter and Rinko, as slave/soldiers for the Incubus King. Having been loyal to the Incubus Faction, she simply escapes with the Incubus King leaving her shocked daughter behind.

Timeline TABA

She encountered Koukawa Asuka and Koukawa Oboro, who attack the Incubus King. Shiranui acts as one of his bodyguards next to a Doppelganger. She is feared as the assassin of the king and fights with Fuuma Kotaro, which interrupted dealings between the Incubus Faction and Fuuma Danjo. She is mentioned to give an aura similar to a demon and is known as the Incubus King's assassin and right-hand.

Timeline RPGX

Flashbacks playing when her husband was alive and she was more active show that the Incubus King and Ishtar, were pursuing Shiranui for a long time. The Incubus King would erode her will, in her dreams for multiple years, without her having a clear memory but a subconscious effect. Additionally, these events hint strongly, that Shiranui would bear one of the King's children one day. A child of the Incubus King is later on mentioned but if it is also Shiranui's is as of now unknown.

In the more current events, Shiranui looked for a Demon Gate around Gosha Village and was seen by Uehara Shikanosuke. On a beach event she lost her memories of the Incubus King. She willingly restores her memory to become a servant once more, after that she healed one of the beach goers from Miasma induced madness. Shiranui is seen later badly wounded but saved by Ambrose, who doesn't belong to her side of the Incubus Faction. As of current events, it is claimed that the Incubus King she served had somehow died, and she might be appointed as the Queen of the Succubus/Incubus. However, forces specially Ishtar, strongly disagree with that idea. (Ongoing). It can be assumed that many things that are different in this timeline have not been revealed. She is mentioned to have been once human but it isn't clear if that means she is a demon at this point.

Timeline Action

In the alternative timeline of Action Taimanin, she has not been kidnapped and is currently an active working Taimanin with Yukikaze. Joining the Taimanin Task Force, having saved them from an attack by Astaroth. Her connection to the Incubus Faction, seems not to exist. Her husband still has died but the timeline of events is unclear.


Shiranui doesn't appear in the 3 episodes of the OVA, even though she is mentioned as the main reason for the mission. However, there is a bonus episode (a few mins) that will show her capture. which was never shown in game by an unknown slaver woman, somebody non-existent in the games "yet" and has a short training session with orcs in Under Eden.

Taimanin Shiranui is a follow up OVA. Shiranui is seen standing breathing heavily, over the decapitated and dead body of Yukikaze but even after having killed her remained still calm. Kuroi (Incubus King) appears behind her and promises a reward for her loyalty. Afterwards in Under Eden, she is bound in a trainings room with Real approching her. Explaining that she just killed a dummy clone, without even knowing. Given a drug to make her blind for a bit, she is given her reward in the form of a "party" to indulge in her lust, with a cameo from Yasuno and others. She enjoys her time and afterwards Kuroi, says that the stage is set viewing her ready.


Main Weapon: Naginata pole-arm

  • Ninja Art: "Water Art": Allows her to mould water skilfully into illusions, such as decoys and clones or use it as a weapon directly. She also can cast large scale illusion, within fog or rain.
  • Particle Control: Taimanin are able to manipulate Taima Particles to enhance their physical strength, speed and defense. The particles also are used to counter demonic influences and strengthen damage to demons.
  • Poison Claws: In TY2 she has poison claws which inflict an aphrodisiac effect which can lead to death unless the pleasure isn't satisfied.
  • Martial Arts: She is a skilled martial artist.
  • Naginata master: She is a master with the spear and can beat Rinko with no big troubles in a fight with it.
  • Rubber Suit: She has a rubber suit to suit to conceal herself in TY2. Which makes her immune to Yukikaze's attacks. The suit also comes with a ballgag.



  • She is a very good cook.
  • In the true ending of TY1, she does not appear at all. This means the first encounter with her daughter is past the true ending of TY2. It isn't as clear for TABA and RPGX but Yukikaze considers her still "missing".
  • In Action Taimanin she has not been captured, meaning the timeline of that game is very different. The categories rogue and criminal don't apply to the Action version.
  • In the bad ending of TY1, she will have a second daughter called Hotaru but this is not canon.
  • The longer hair parts of her younger design, is something that Yukikaze tries to imitate with her twin-tails. She also wore clothes in the past that Yuki tries to imitate as well.
  • Shiranui has been drawn by the same artist with a younger age and still kept her large breasts, while on the opposite end, Yukikaze has been drawn older and still is flat and short.
  • The fact that Shiranui has giant breasts might be the reason for Yukikaze's insecurity about her flat chest. She wishes to copy Shiranui but does not have her physical features at all.
  • Her kidnapping was in the year 2077[1] in RPGX.
  • She is one year older than Asagi.[2] in RPGX.

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