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Red alert.jpeg WARNING: This Visual Novel contains scenes of strong language, explicit/sexual violence and more. Viewer discretion is advised! Characters depicted in this content are 18 years of age or older

Taimanin Asagi Battle Arena aka Taimanin Asagi ~Kessen Arena~ is a free-to-play, battle card game by Lilith which takes place in the Taimaninverse but outside of the main canon of the Visual Novels.

More of an all star version than a sequel to Taimanin Asagi 3. It is a massive crossover with characters from multiple games. The character cards can be won in a gacha or by points in events. Most cards are hypothetical "what if" captures and unlock their true power by a mechanic called "discipline", which also unlocks a Harem Scene. The main protagonist of TABA is Fuuma Kotaro.

Taimanin Asagi Battle Arena takes place instead of the events of Taimanin Asagi 3, in an alternative timeline.


Fuuma Kotaro has given up on Gosha Village and the Taimanin. As heir to the Fuuma clan he wants to insert himself into the power struggle between the three major forces (Taimanin, UFS and Demons) and gain supremacy over all of them, to rebuild his fallen clan. At the start, Kotaro and his loyal servant Fuuma Tokiko are all that remains of the clan.

Kotaro's Ninja Art is the ability to steal the special powers and techniques of those he touches; a method he uses to gain advantage over his opponents, most of whom are considerably stronger than him; building a stronger New Fuuma Clan. His chief method of strengthening his forces is to capture his female enemies, and force them to become loyal to him through means of (mostly sexual) violation, torture, degradation, or overwhelming pleasure until the subject becomes so addled (Or 'Mind Broken') that they'll do anything he asks.

Most of the plot is told in limited-time events, outside of the core chapters of the game, where he is joined by younger versions of Sakura and Murasaki from another dimension, and the more comical Lilim and Minasaki a pair of mischievous succubi Demons.


Introduction Chapter

Tokiko informs Kotaro that work has been completed on the New Fuuma Clan Headquarters. To start, they are the only clan members left, after a failed coup against the Taimanin, lead by Fuuma Danjou, his father, who fled to the UFS.

Tokiko suggests three possible targets to enhance their strength and weaken the enemy, one from each major faction: Ingrid, Sakura or Asuka. Regardless of the player's choice, none of them are canonically captured, as they all appear in future events working with their respective factions, with no reference made to their supposed subjugation..

Chapter 1 - A Newbie Taimanin

Fuuma Tokiko informs Fuuma Kotarou of a potential new recruit for his group: a novice Taimanin named Maezono Momoko, who is on a mission in Tokyo Kingdom City. The pair evade multiple demons during their search, before they fight, defeat, and abduct Momoko, intending to turn her into a servant of the Fuuma Clan.

Chapter 2 - New Assault Weapon

Tokiko obtains new intel that the UFS will soon hold a mock battle in a forest, to test a potentially high grade secret weapon. Wishing to steal it, Kotarou and Tokiko fight their way though the forest, and encounter Jane Bradlowe, a UFS soldier who is wielding the new weapon herself, identifying it as the "Wind Assault System." (High-Tech Gloves) Kotarou and Tokiko knock her out, and elect to bring both the weapon, and Jane herself back toe headquarters to put them both to work for the Fuuma Clan.

Chapter 3 - Faith of Demons

Gaining intel about a non human bodyguard in Tokyo, that presumingly works for a fast growing organization after being tricked into it. Kotarou decides to take down the group and to recruit the bodyguard. Finding the bodyguard Nilnia after some short fight and throwing more soldiers at Tokiko and Kotarou she is defeated and captured. leaving the now weak enemy group behind, to collapse on their own, they go home and break Nilnia.

Chapter 4 - Scent of Taimanin

A Taimanin spy informs Kotarou about a Ogidou clan Taimanin that infiltrated a school in Tokyo. Wanting to gain the ability to rule over pheromones that clan members sometimes show, Kotarou hopes to sneak into the Academy at night to capture the clan member. Fighting some weaker Taimanin that where probably just as the Ogidou clan member protecting a VIP of sorts, they encounter Sendou Nazuna (also known as Ogidou Nazuna). Defeating her and capturing her fast they escape the scene.

Chapter 5 - Beast of Assassin

Learning about an under water raid on Kotarou's base of the UFS. They prepare for an incoming assassin squad at their upcoming trade meeting. Having set things up and learned about the leader of the squad Rick Milliard, Kotarou and Tokiko attack first, with the help of Momoko they are able to defeat multiple enemies easily and gain more intel. Finding Rick Milliard they are able to defeat her and capture her on the spot, adding her to the others.

Chapter 6 - Dark Spider

The ever growing new Fuuma Faction of Kotarou is getting attacked by a demon. Multiple of his minor members fell so Kotarou and Tokoko roam Tokyo Kingdom to find her. After defeating some Nomad members, they face of against the Arachni, Raqua. Using the death of his Fuuma Faction member as bait, Raqua was interested in seeing his power with her own eyes. Running away for a while and fighting, she is in the end also is captured and later disciplined by Kotarou's orcs.

Chapter 7 - Wolf of the Moon

Learning about a new UFS weapon that is about to be traded, lead by "The wolf that dances on the moon". Kotarou and Tokiko decide to go to the hotel in which the trade meeting will take place. Having stolen the weapon they are completely surrounded, fighting their way out, they face of against Moonwolf. Defeating her in combat she requests death but Kotarou refuses and takes her as prisoner to be broken later.

Chapter 8 - Dark Resistance

Members of the supply team of the Fuuma faction are being attacked by Taimanin, requesting emergency rescue. Forced to flee into the foggy, demon filled Bloodleaf Forest for now. One of the attacking Taimanin is a bojustu master and Kotarou plans a flank attack, before going in. Facing of against some minor demons of the forest and Taimanin, Rick Milliard moves up ahead to scout. Defeating a stronger earth user, Kotarou saves Tokiko and both move on. Moving through fog they reach the bojustu master Shijou Kisaragi and Rick, that are currently in a fight. Telling Rick to flee with with supply team. Fighting her and defeating her as well, she takes Shijou Kisaragi with him hoping to convince her that he also made sure she wasn't captured by the demons in the forest.

Chapter 9 - The Elf of Revenge

Having learned about Queet, a dark elf in Amidahara, that is an enemy of Edwin Black starting an open revolt against him. Kotarou wants her to join his group to enhance his demonic forces, being informed that some of his factions members have died by some form of curse in Amidahara. Raqua accompanying Tokiko and Kotarou to be on the save side. After arriving in Amidahara, Raqua requests a short stop by Madame Noi's Magic Store to learn about Queet and the curse. Having learned about Queet's power the Dimension Arrow, that can pass through any obstacle and pierces the mind of the target. Hoping to use the current distortions in Amidahara they rush to the lair of Laini Queet. Facing her Kotarou asks if she wants to be his ally as they also want Edwin Black to disappear. Queet agrees she seeks revenge for her clan but rejects, to work with Fuuma, as dark elves never ally with humans, unless he wishes to be her servant. After winning the fight Queet allowed Kotarou to be her servant. Koarou captures her and Tokiko requests that he discipline Queet accordingly...

Chapter 10 - Forced Invasion

The UFS makes a large, direct, siege, attack by special forces, against Kotarou base. The hideout is given up and Kotarou requests a evacuation of noncombatants.

Jane and Rick acting as a distraction while Queet, Kisaragi, Nazuna keep everyone save. Kotarou and Tokiko, face multiple enemies that broke the gates but Moonwolf and Momoko go ahead to counter this as well. Learning the UFS as an interest in Raqua and Nilnia both demons fight stronger than before but no special ability user has shown itself on the UFS side yet, Rick warns everybody over radio that they have a "Dive". Still confused by the warning, they encounter Origa Alekseevna Pavlova, that is able to dive through walls. Stealing her ability with his own Ninja Art, she is defeated and captured as well. Saving himself and Tokiko and the rest of his group they also will mind break her into becoming part of the new Fuuma faction.

Events Story

Multiple events follow after this in which new and old Taimanin are encountered and potentially captured. The main story of TABA plays out in these events as well, ranging from comedic situations, to an escalating struggle between the protagonist and his father.

The main storyline reaches a climax as Kotaro does kill his father later on, and unlocks the true potential of his ability. As he now is able to absorb a target and become them in strength, magic ability and memory.

Edwin Black, now his next target as Kotaro raids a base of Nomad, as he thinks what would happen if he absorbed Black. He sees a fight between Asagi and Black, in which Asagi seems to lose. Using his ability to take over the body of Igawa Asagi, he kills Edwin Black but also triggering his ability. As Asagi, Kotaro and Black now fuse multiple new worlds are created.

In the epilogue

Fuuma Kotaro seems to have fun at the beach with multiple girls. With only those that triggered the world reset able to remember, that this world was reset and is just one of many outcomes.

As Vampire Asagi and Edwin Black observe Fuuma Kotaro, Black says that he will stay back and see how this world develops.

As that worlds Igawa Asagi also decides to hunt down Kotaro, that wishes to remain part of the criminal underworld.


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